The Cocaine Trap

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Falling into the dangerous cycle of cocaine abuse is a reality for many people of all ages. A sure way out of this trap is with the help of a cocaine abuse treatment center. The powerful stimulant is highly addictive because it elicits short-term euphoria and energy. Even recreational users strive to achieve this affect immediately after it wears off. This is the root of cocaine abuse. Do not let it destroy your life or the life of a loved one.

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Cocaine distribution and abuse continue to be a serious problem in this country. According to the U.S. Department of Justice National Drug Intelligence Center, certain areas of New Jersey can be considered high-intensity drug trafficking areas. Heavy trafficking means easy access, increased demand and lower prices for the drug. This also represents a greater threat to the safety and well being of residents, since most violent crimes are often associated with the use and abuse of drugs such as cocaine.

One of the primary reasons people become addicted to cocaine seems to be repeated exposure to the drug. Factors that contribute to cocaine use and abuse include:

• Peer Pressure

• Accessibility to the drug

• Living in a high drug use area

• Cocaine use in the home by one or more family members.

Addiction is a result of how cocaine acts once it enters the body. One explanation that is supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse is that repetitive use of cocaine disrupts the normal function of the brain and allows a buildup up of dopamine, a chemical in the brain that is responsible for motivation and pleasure. Scientists believe that the brain adapts to prolonged use of cocaine and the extended presence of dopamine. When cocaine use is stopped or interrupted for any reason, the drug user experiences symptoms of withdrawal that are the opposite of pleasure. This drives the persistent craving for the drugs and is also responsible for relapse.

Treatment for Cocaine Addiction

Because cocaine involves changes in the brain, it inevitably produces physical complications and behavioral changes that impact social interactions and environment. It is a complicated disease that requires a comprehensive approach to treatment.

An effective cocaine addiction treatment and recovery program must offer various therapy modules that encompass not only the addiction, but the education, coping skills and ongoing support that is necessary to maintain sobriety. Treatment programs must also address the underlying factors that led to the addiction. To avoid a possible relapse, recovering addicts may have to change their environment and former associations that encouraged their cocaine abuse.

Recovery from addiction can be difficult, but many have found freedom through drug rehab.

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