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For someone struggling with any form of substance abuse or addiction, sobriety can seem like an unobtainable goal. However, dedicated professionals at one of Morristown's detoxification and treatment centers can help this goal become a reality with the proper knowledge and motivation.

The recovery program begins with detoxification. This is the process in which patients withdraw from the substance they once abused. During detoxification, an addict will most likely experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, which in very severe cases, can be fatal. Expert professionals in these centers work around the clock to provide each patient with the attention needed to make this process go as smoothly as possible. Do not let the fear of detoxification deter you from seeking addiction treatment. This is the safest way to manage negative symptoms and release toxins from your body. Begin recovery on the right path; begin it under the supervision of professionals.

A team of medical experts, nurses and psychiatric professionals has the ability to evaluate you for one or more substance addictions and provide the care and treatment you need to achieve sobriety safely, with less stress on your mind and body. No matter how many times you have tried and failed, don't give up on the healthy life that you deserve.

Medical Detox

Although every patient requires medical supervision and evaluation as part of their recovery program, chronic use of drugs or alcohol may warrant a carefully performed medical detox that addresses both your physical and psychological symptoms of withdrawal. A medically supervised detoxification can help to avoid some serious effects of withdrawal. It is a healthier alternative to quitting "cold turkey." The physicians and nurses at these drug rehab centers in Morristown may provide detox medications to help transition patients to a drug-free state, safely and with less distress. If necessary, they gradually wean patients off the substance with safe medications and scientifically tested approaches to addiction treatment.

Psychological Detox

In addition to physical dependence, you may also experience psychological and emotional withdrawal during and after detoxification. You may use substances to help you cope with stress, increase your self-esteem or manage the negative relationships in your life. Although it is normal to experience some depression after the substance has been removed from your body, you may also discover an underlying mental health issue that has contributed to your drinking or drug addiction.

Highly-skilled therapists and counselors at Morristown's drug treatment centers provide the recovery tools to help you manage your emotional triggers in a more positive manner; replacing substance abuse. An experienced psychiatric team provides treatment, helpful medications and counseling to help you stabilize your mood and embrace a healthy mind and sustained recovery.

As part of your long-term care, the experts at these centers help you design a relapse prevention plan that includes the support of peers, 12-step programs and available counseling when you need us. They offer the resources and support that can help you manage a lifetime of recovery and sobriety.

If you need help to end addiction, we can support you in finding the right facility and treatment for your health issue. Call us at (201) 620-9139.

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