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Many people refuse to seek help from an alcohol treatment program because they do not even realize they have a problem. From a few social drinks on occasion to daily consumption of large amounts, alcohol addiction can slowly seep into an individual's life and take over. Without the help of an alcohol treatment program, a once recreational habit, can turn into a deadly disease.

Like any other drug of abuse, alcohol alters the brain's chemical composition. Alcohol can quickly draw users into physical and psychological dependence, while imparting long-term effects on their health and mood.

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Knowing the Signs of an Alcohol Addiction

If left untreated, alcohol abuse can easily develop into addiction. The ability to identify when an individual's alcohol consumption has turned into abuse can help you intervene before the problem develops any further. Many of the problems associated with alcohol abuse are behavioral issues.

The following are signs of alcohol abuse:

• using alcohol to alleviate stress

• neglecting daily responsibilities in favor of drinking

• drinking every day while performing daily activities

• consuming alcohol before or during dangerous activities

• declines in performance at work or school, due to alcohol

• consuming alcohol in the face of imminent health risks

Alcoholism forms when the individual loses control of the amount of alcohol they drink and frequency at which they consume it. Once their tolerance levels build, their bodies depend on the substance in order to function.

Signs of alcohol addiction include the following:

• inability to control the amount consumed or the time drinking occurs

• tolerance for alcohol climbs and effects of the drug decrease, prompting the addict to consume more each time

• withdrawals symptoms, such as sweating and irritability occur when they stop drinking

• obligations and activities suffer due to the usage of alcohol

• increasing amounts of time are spent recovering from alcohol consumption

How to Get Help to End the Dependence on Alcohol

Abstaining from alcohol for just a few days can be physically challenging when an individual has developed a deep addiction to the drug. Individuals who attempt to lessen their alcohol intake and regain control over their drinking habit often find themselves consuming more of the substance than they planned.

At Morristown Alcohol Rehab, we can help you or a loved one find the right treatment center and program, so you can recover from alcohol addiction through detoxification and behavioral therapies.

The dedicated staff of medical professionals in these facilities can administer treatment medicine (if necessary) to alleviate the psychical discomfort and psychological cravings for alcohol, helping you or your loved one detoxify under optimal conditions. After cleansing the body of toxic substances, they are able to provide counseling services to address the emotional issues associated with the substance abuse and help prevent a relapse from occurring.

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