Alcohol Abuse in Morristown

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Alcohol abuse is an epidemic that affects millions of people in this country every year. Sadly enough, many people suffering from alcoholism do not seek treatment for their alcohol abuse because they are in denial about how truly dangerous this habit has become. In many circumstances, it might be up to the loved ones of the addict to recognize that alcohol abuse is present. They must learn to recognize the signs and symptoms associated with the disease. Remember, there is a fine line between helping and enabling an addiction. Alcohol abuse can ruin relationships, tear apart families, cause a mess of financial problems and cause the person who suffers from the disease to end up in jail, or even worse, dead. Do not let alcohol abuse destroy your life or the life of a loved one any longer. Seek treatment and seek hope.

The Social Impact

Personal relationships will begin to become unmanageable due to heavy drinking. Many of those who suffer from an addiction to alcohol find that they cannot control the actions that end up driving their friends and family away. They begin to associate with the wrong crowd because their loved ones do not want to enable or approve of their behavior. Many addicts end up neglecting their friendships or relationships in order to devote more time to their alcohol abuse. In other cases, those closest to the addict realize that they can no longer stand by and allow the addict to cause harm to him or herself. No matter what the reason is, many people find that eventually, a time comes where they must take action in order to maintain the relationships that mean the most to them. They must enter an alcohol treatment program.

A Physical Problem

Although most people are aware of the unhealthy effects of alcohol, those who have an addiction to the substance may be beyond the power of choice. Beginning the journey to recovery could be a life and death decision. The devastating damage that alcohol abuse can do to the liver and the rest of the body's organs is enough to threaten the life of the user. This does not even factor in the dangerous decisions one is capable of when under the influence. It is important for a person to get help before their drinking problem causes serious mental and physical health issues.

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