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Making the decision to enter an addiction treatment center is never easy, but it is necessary for a successful recovery. Before someone with a substance abuse problem can get help for their addiction, they have to recognize that they have a problem. There are various ways to spot the warning signs or intervene in an addiction.

Since every person is different, individuals need to have customized treatment programs. At available drug rehab centers in Morristown, you or a loved one can get the help you need to recover from drug addiction and abuse. There are many Morristown addiction treatment centers that provide the knowledge and tools it takes to overcome the disease in the most beneficial way to both a patient's mental and physical health. Do not try and fight this battle alone when you have access to an accredited addiction treatment center at your fingertips. It is strongly recommended that you use the services of a facility instead of trying to quit on your own.

Recognizing the Problem

A number of people of all ages try drugs experimentally. Unfortunately, many times experimental drug abuse can lead to addiction. To diagnose an addiction, individuals should consider how often they use drugs and how much they take. Often, addicts may feel overwhelmed, nervous or anxious if they cannot access drugs right away. They may exhibit irrational or agitated behavior. Over time, they may devote an increasing amount of their income to the drug addiction and drug abuse. Once drug addicts recognize that they have a problem, they need to find an addiction treatment center that works for them.

How Chemical Dependency Works

When someone first uses a drug, they may feel a sense of exhilaration or euphoria. Over time, the body and mind become used to the drugs. This means that a higher dosage is needed to achieve the same high. As the addict becomes chemically dependent on the drug, it can lead to negative consequences with their relationships or physical health. Depending on the individual, the symptoms of a chemical dependency may vary. Individuals may start lying to their family about where they are going or loved ones might notice a major personality change.


In order to end chemical drug dependency, drug addicts should check into an addiction rehab facility. While at drug rehab, they will no longer have access to any drugs. The addict will start to go through the withdrawal process as toxins leave their body. Depending on the extent of the addiction, detoxification can take a few days or more than a week. Addicts who have severe addictions or difficulties quitting, should attend an in-patient treatment program. For severe addictions, the symptoms of withdrawal can be life threatening. Due to this, individuals should make sure that they have medical supervision at all times during the detox process.

Preventing a Relapse

For detox and rehab to be successful, the treatment centers for addiction must help addicts develop a plan for relapse prevention. Since stress is a trigger for relapse, recovering addicts have to learn how to manage stress and negative emotions. They are encouraged to develop healthy habits to cope with stress, such as meditating or engaging in a new exercise program. Individuals will find the relaxation technique that works best for them. If recovering addicts can effectively manage stress, it removes one relapse trigger from their life.

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